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We support freelancing developers, emerging start-ups and enterprises of all sizes in establishing reliable safety cultures and measures for the product needs of tomorrow. With our expertise in the mechanical and automotive engineering sectors we deliver state-of-the-art safety lifecycle knowledge; from item definition, hazards analysis and risk management to safety assessments, homologation and certification. 

Any product can be functionally safe – we prove it to you. We conduct risk assessments for all your features and items and support you in developing functional and technical safety concepts. We show you how to design and verify safe hardware and software. Together with you, we develop a robust integration and validation strategy and conclude our work in a safety case. Together with us, you will pass any certification.

We help you managing the trade-off between safety and availability. We show you how to conduct FMEAs, FMEDAs and accelerate reliability testing.

We guide you through the jungle of regulations, best practices and guidance documents. We decompose ISO/PAS 21448 (Safety of the Intended Functionality) and integrate key deliverables into your process. We support you in defining validation targets and strategies for your automated product and identify triggering conditions and weaknesses of your components. We apply UL 4600 and ISO/TR 4804 to prepare you for rolling out your automated driving system. We aid and guide you in the development of your safety cases, both internal and outward facing versions to gain the trust of your customers and those who assess your system’s safety.

We help you tailoring robust management and engineering processes by applying knowledge from all applicable standard and best practice documents. We develop methods to reliably decompose your product into implementable requirements and show you how to ensure traceability and manage change.

Your team is what matters! We train anyone to become an expert in the areas described on this page.

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Change is an expression many companies are afraid to talk about. It means laying off people, abandoning projects and destroying long standing processes – at least that’s what most people associate with the word change.
That’s not what we think!

The engineering industry is the hub of innovation and a large engine of economics. Since the industrialisation age we cannot imagine a world without engineering but in some domains we seem to be stuck in what we think is possible.

By embracing a hybrid approach between educating ourselves and our customers about best practices, proven in use methodologies and legacy on the one hand and maintaining a beginner’s mindset and radical open-mindedness to shifts in approaches and the markets on the other, we are ready to tailor the ideal solution for your business and projects.

Don’t be shy to reach out to us if you cannot find a buzzword that describes your needs best on our website. Even if we don’t specifically name it here, we are sure we will find a way to make your business a success. Happy to chat!

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