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We support freelancing developers, emerging start-ups and enterprises of all sizes in establishing reliable safety and cybersecurity cultures and measures for the product needs of tomorrow. With our expertise in the machinery and automotive engineering sectors we deliver state-of-the-art safety lifecycle knowledge; from item definition, hazards & threats analysis and risk management to safety & cybersecurity assessments and certification.

Any product can be functionally safe – we prove it to you. We conduct risk assessments for all your features and items and support you in developing functional and technical safety concepts. We show you how to design and verify safe hardware and software. Together with you, we develop a robust verification and validation strategy and conclude our work in a safety case. Together with us you can be sure you will get prepared for any certification.

We help you managing the trade-off between and availability, reliability and cost. We show you how to conduct FMEAs, FMEDAs and accelerate your reliability testing.

We guide you through the jungle of regulations, best practices and guidance documents in the automation domain, integrating key deliverables into your process. We support you in defining validation targets and strategies for your automated product and identify triggering conditions and weaknesses of your components, preparing your system to be rolled out on public roads.

We help you tailoring robust management and engineering processes by applying knowledge from all applicable systems engineering standards and best practices. We use proven-in-use methods to decompose your product into implementable requirements and show you how to ensure traceability and manage any changes.

We understand cybersecurity is something which is tightly intertwined with safety and that is why we help you to explore this domain by embedding cybersecurity standards and best practices into your daily processes. Threats analysis & risk assessment, cybersecurity concept, verification and validation strategy for cybersecurity requirements and goals are just a portion of the services we can offer you to ensure security of your products.

Prices for Our consultancy services


100 Per Call Hour
  • First call up to one hour is always free for our clients
  • Convenient option if you only need periodic sync-up calls
  • Calls can be recorded and we always share any call related materials for free
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75 Per Service Hour
  • The package is minimum 10 hours of any type of service
  • The package is valid 30 days effective purchase date
  • Package hours can be used for project activities, calls or internal trainings


200 Per Person Per Day
  • Discounts apply for corporate trainings and large groups
  • Training content is fully customizable per your request
  • Small groups with up to 12 people for the best training experience

Why Consulting Services Really Help?

functional safety

Changing long standing processes, spending more time per project to achieve compliance with standards and regulations, investing lots of money into certifications – all these aspects frighten most of the companies, start-ups and entrepreneurs in the world when it comes to the point of converting from a learning R&D curve to the production one. We believe this should not happen! The engineering industry is the hub of innovation and a large engine of economics.

Embracing a hybrid approach between educating our customers and assisting with functional safety/cybersecurity project at its early stages with gradual handover of the responsibilities to our customers, we use solid methodologies and legacy approaches on the one hand and maintain an open-mindedness to shifts in and markets on the other. Just in a year that allows our customers to gain significant knowledge and experience to minimize consulting required and significantly improve their products’ safety and cybersecurity.

functional safety

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