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We provide you with all the services required to assure the safety of your engineering products – on every step of your way.

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We are Safety Consult, a consultant firm specialising in cross-industry systems safety services. We support you in every part of your project, starting with defining your systems and safety engineering processes, training your staff and applying state-of-the-art safety analyses, over to creating validation plans to pass any certification procedure.

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Our expert consultants have gained and successfully applied their expertise in countless customer projects and domains.

Functional Safety

ISO 26262, IEC 61508, or customised processes - we tailor solutions to your particular needs.

Systems Engineering

Your company struggles to manage complex products? We give you a foundation that works.

Staff Training

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We won't stay longer than we need to. Your staff remains your key asset.

Connected & Autonomous

SOTIF, UL 4600, SaFAD, VSSA. We add meaning and practicality to concepts and regulations.

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From the beginning to the end we want to understand and address the challenges your business is facing.


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We unveil and understand your business challenges and needs.


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We explore which services are required to address your particular needs.


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We set up an actionable plan with traceable milestones to successfully execute our project.

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Functional safety
Islam Babaev

Safety Measures at Glance

In order to achieve functional safety for an item it is important to apply relevant risk reduction measures for those hazardous events that have an unacceptable level of risk (which

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functional safety
Islam Babaev

Functional Safety at Glance

Regardless of your industry, if you’re an engineer then I’m pretty sure you’ve encountered the term “Functional Safety” at least once in your career. And I bet you thought at

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