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Our vision and mission is to enable you to deliver the safest and secure products possible. Therefore, we brought together engineers and consultants with extensive and multidisciplinary background with the only one goal in mind: To make your product a success. Have a look below to learn more about our leaders.

Aziz Beitullaev is our CEO and locomotive of the Safety Consult business. With great experience being a chief executive in various companies and startups, Aziz is now pushing forward ideas about safe and reliable products we all share at Safety Consult 

Safe future is just around the bend

When I think of mankind and tremendous growth of current technologies, that makes me excited and scared at the same time. Autonomous vehicles, mission to Mars, cancer treatments, all of these are just around the bend. But one should do that cornering quite delicate. Wrong speed, wrong gear or wrong angle while turning that bend and all of the efforts applied to make those great innovations will be useless. That is why I see my mission in helping your business to make that turn smooth and make your products safe and reliable as a part of new tech era.

Aziz Beitullaev

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Sharing food for Thought

Nature has gave us an adorable features - we can think, analyse, invent. The features allowed us to achieve so much within just the last century and we now keeping even higher pace. And I personally believe everyone can and should keep it as well. That's why I follow the words of great Lao Tsu who said that if you give a hungry man a fish, you feed him for a day, but if you teach him how to fish, you feed him for a lifetime. With Safety Consult I enjoy sharing my knowledge via training I conduct and projects where I participate and hope one day will have an opportunity to share that with you.

Oleg Kirovskii

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Oleg Kirovskii is our Chief Cybersecurity Engineer who’s focus is on automotive and autonomous technologies. Oleg is a great mentor and inspiring person who believes safety and system engineering should not be a kind of a secret knowledge, but should be affordable for every single engineer. And so do we, that’s why we help Oleg to conduct trainings and educate more and more engineers.

Islam Babaev is our Chief Functional Safety Engineer with massive experience in automotive,  autonomous driving and machinery applications. Islam is the person who always digs into details and never stops if there is a challenge ahead. He believes that whatever is a product, it can always become safer. And we believe in Islam.

Devil is always in details

If one would ask me how many projects I used to be involved into, I think I'll never give a precise number. However, if you ask me about any specific one, I'll probably tell you a lot of details around potential issues I've fixed there together with our customers. And this is because each project is absolutely unique, no matter if several can have similar names or use cases. And if we speak of safety for each project, then definitely devil is in details. Safety is about learning the product down to the smallest "gears" and finding where and why those gears can fail to operate. It sounds simple but opposite in fact and that makes me passionate about safety - it's everyday challenge for me to make safer products.

Islam Babaev

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