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We provide you with all the services required to assure the safety of your products including cybersecurity, reliability and systems engineering – on every step of your way.

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We are Safety Consult, a consulting company focused on cross-industry safety, cybersecurity, systems engineering and reliability services. We support startups, small businesses and mature companies in every part of their project helping to create safe and secure products.

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Our expert consultants have gained and successfully applied their expertise in countless customer projects and domains.

Functional Safety

ISO 26262, IEC 61508, ISO 13849, ISO21448, IEC 62061 - we tailor solutions to your particular needs

Systems Engineering

Struggle to manage complex products? We give you a solid foundation that simply works


ISO 21434, IEC 62443 and more to support making secure and competitive products


To support your project with analyses and calculations as strong arguments

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Aziz Beitullaev

Chief Executive Officer

Oleg Kirovskii

Chief of Cybersecurity

Islam Babaev

Chief Functional Safety Engineer

Alex Vasiliev

Staff Functional Safety Engineer

Julia Fedorova

Chief Marketing Officer

Ivan Gorbatenko

Cybersecurity Engineer

Gulnara Rakhimova

Functional Safety Engineer

Anna Mishkina

Functional Safety Engineer

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From the very beginning of our partnership we want to understand and address the challenges your business is facing


learning about your project

We unveil and understand your challenges and needs


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We explore which services are required to address your needs


Working Jointly all the Way

We set up and execute a plan with traceable milestones

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Functional safety
Islam Babaev

Safety Measures at Glance

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functional safety
Islam Babaev

Functional Safety at Glance

Regardless of your industry, if you’re an engineer then I’m pretty sure you’ve encountered the term “Functional Safety” at least once in your career. And I bet you thought at

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