IQPC Automotive Safety and Security Report 2018

It is an undeniable fact: the complexity of the automotive systems is growing as we speak. With the advent of high automated and autonomous driving, auto engineers are facing new challenges. New features and technologies are added constantly and the pressure for safeguarding complex cyber-physical and safety-critical systems is rising. This has lead to remarkable work in this area, done by bother the car manufacturers and their direct suppliers. And let’s not forget the implementation of innovative IT and telecoms’ solutions that rattled the automotive industry by applying their years of experience in software complexity and security.

Alas, despite the huge forward strides in technological development, in 2016 there were still over 53 million vehicle recalls a spike in class action lawsuits, both for system faults and car hacks. These figures alone can serve as a key indicator that the work toward fully safeguarding and securing a vehicle is far from over, and with the increased consumer demand for more complex embedded systems, functional safety and security are more vital today than ever before.

This Automotive IQ Safety Report includes thoughts on ISO 26262 implementation within conventional development, discussions on ADAS and Safety, brief escription of PAS 555 – new cybersecurity standard and 2 presentations by Brose on Lean Standard Development Process (How to Do Without Extra Safety Plans, Confirmation Reviews, and Safety Audits) and Hella on Safety in modular SW – platform development (Hella SW product platform / AUTOSAR / variant development process / functional safety / ISO 26262).


  1. ISO26262 throwback FUNCTIONAL SAFETY & ISO 26262
  2. Functional vehicular safety reaches world status
  3. Addressing concerns around emerging technologies
    • Updating the hardware development standard
    • Edition 2 addresses shortcomings of current software development standards
    • Part 11 sets the standard for semiconductor functional safety
    • Publicly available specification 19451:1 discusses intellectual property
  4. Addressing ADAS and fully autonomous safety
    • Setting the standard for cyber security – introducing PAS 555
    • What functional safety challenges remain?
  5. Expert presentations on ISO 26262
    • „Can there be a failure without a fault?“ – Pierre Metz, Brose
    • „Safety in modular software – platform development“ – Stefan Schinzer, Hella

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